Thursday, October 8, 2009

Home Remedy (Oil of Oregano)...Fact or Fiction?

Well, this week, my daughter has a stomach virus. Actually, the number of friends and their children with the same symptoms is increasing. Low-grade fever, headache, and stomach ache seems to be "going around." It is time to be especially vigilant about hand washing, disinfecting doorknobs and faucets etc. If there is anyway that I can avoid being sick this Fall/Winter, then I am going to try almost anything!
Recently, I was introduced to Oil of Oregano. This is not the stuff in you spice cabinet that you put on your pizza or spaghetti sauce. The oil from pure oregano plants (thymol and carvacrol) need to be atleast 70% to produce the benefits that you want, but WOW, it is some powerful stuff! When I was first told about this, I did some research. As it turns out, Oregano Oil has been used for generations to cure everything from upset stomach to migraines, athletes foot, candida, sore throat and many skin problems. Because of its natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antivirul properties, I have tried it for colds with remarkable results! I have experienced the benefits of shortened colds and witnessed the benefits it has on fungal skin  irritations.
Before buying this oil, I did plenty of research and made sure that the oil I purchased was to be ingested and not just used topically. I was warned that the taste is "pretty powerful." That was an understatement! I have been on a pursuit to find a way to swallow it without it touching my taste buds! If you have tried to swallow this, you know what I mean!
Now that this stomach virus has entered our home, we have been trying to keep the germs at bay. Inevitably though, my husband began to complain of stomach irritation yesterday. Immediately, he reached for the Oil of Oregano and, within a few hours, he was eating and complaining no more. Today he had no more nausea! So, do I believe in the effectiveness of this powerful oil? You bet I do!

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