Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm not just playing with toys...

While I am sitting in the floor playing with my kids, I am not just playing with toys.... I am "working." My job is SAHM (Stay at Home Mom.) As such, a very important part of my day is to spend time with my kids, teaching them important life skills. Sharing, Manners, Pretend Play, Counting, Singing, Dancing, Math - these are only a few of the skills that we cram into a normal day with Mom! I see my day as a teaching opportunity for my stay-at-home two-year old and for my older kids when they get home from school. I try to use every opportunity that I can to include them in what I am doing, leaving time for independent play (for them and for me!)
So, if you see me sitting in the floor playing with toys with my kids, just know this: Playing with toys IS part of my Job Description. It is a very important part of my day!

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