Monday, August 10, 2009

Bosch Universal Kitchen System

Have you heard of the Bosch Kitchen System?  If you haven't, and you like to cook, you should look into this.  I have seen the reviews and compared the prices.  For my birthday, I received a Bosch Universal Kitchen System. I really like to cook.  I like to cook homemade stuff...I try to cook from scratch when possible.  One of my family favorites is mama's homemade pizza.  One of the biggest reasons that I got the Bosch is the 800w motor that can knead up to 6 loaves of wheat dough at once. I can't wait to try this! But, for now, I decided to try it on some more common baking.  I put one stick of cold butter (straight from the fridge) and sugar into the bowl and set the power to 1. I kid you not, the butter and sugar creamed in about 30 seconds! Now I am really impressed! It took an additional minute or so to mix int he flour...mostly because I added it slowly to the mixture. I have never made banana bread so quickly or easily! I doubled the recipe, and YUM! We ate the first loaf in one day!