Friday, April 2, 2010

A 6 Year old on a soft food diet?

Last weekend, my 6 year old son broke his jaw falling off of a bike. I know, aaaaaaaawwww (and OUCH!) He was not going fast, just landed on his chin. He got a couple of "green stick" fractures in his jaw and broke/chipped several teeth. He will need a cap on two molars - if the worst of the two can be saved instead of extracted. Like I said...OUCH! Now, he can only eat soft food for 2 weeks...doctors orders, not because of pain (remarkably, he is not really in pain anymore)

So, what do you feed a 6 year old that can't chew? We are putting "regular" food in the food processor and hoping that he will eat it. So far, chili went over really well, and he liked spicy refried beans. He has also eaten broccoli and cheese mush and corn mush. Tasty, but not really a texture that most kids would enjoy.

Tonight, we are having spaghetti. I am not sure that pasta will make a good texture. Maybe I will skip the pasta on his serving? I am working on a regular post about what is cooking here at home...I will include what we are feeding our very hungry little boy. I think that he will get tired of peanut butter, pudding and applesauce pretty soon. Besides, veggies are a mush (I mean MUST) in our house!

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